• When will my order ship?

    Gulf Business Printing makes every effort to ship orders as they are received.  During peak ordering times (June through September), it may take as many as ten business days to process an order.  During the peak ordering time, orders containing multiple items can delay processing time.  We apprec...
  • Why aren't there more options for shipping?

    Every study year, Gulf Business Printing researches the services offered by a variety of carriers to find the best way to ship the study guides directly to the BSF members’ front doors.  The following factors are taken into consideration: reliability of the carrier the weight of the book and oth...
  • Why does the shipping cost almost as much as the book?

    Gulf Business Printing works diligently to produce the annual study guides in the most efficient and economical way possible, when compared to market value.  The cost of shipping is controlled by carriers and subject to change.
  • How do I correct my shipping address?

    If you notice that your shipping address is incorrect on your order confirmation email, please contact BSF Store Customer Service at as soon as possible.  Once we’ve processed your order and it is in queue for shipment, we may not be able to change your shipping ...
  • I didn't receive my shipment even though the tracking number shows it was delivered. What do I do?

    Please contact the BSF Store Customer Service at for any issues related to your shipment.
  • My shipping address is an APO/DPO. Am I able to have a book shipped to me?

    APO and DPOs are accepted shipping addresses for overseas diplomatic and military addresses. For other shipping issues concerning military addresses, please contact BSF Store customer service via email at